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Home Inspector Checklist Items

Our series of articles related to home inspectors continues.  Remember, your local City of Dearborn or City of Dearborn Heights inspection is still required. Home inspections generally vary across states, cities, and countries. For example, home inspections in Michigan may be different in scope when compared to home inspections in New York. Inspections in the US […]

Choosing The Right Home Inspector

If you are selling or buying a home, then getting a home inspector would be to your great advantage. A home inspector checks and evaluates a home if it has met the requirements of local codes and ordinances regarding housing and infrastructure. Aside from that, a home inspector also evaluates the different utility system in […]

A Home Inspector can be a Good Investment Protector

A Home Inspector Can Be A Good Investment Protector A good home inspection process is something that most people should know about and many may not like the idea, but truth be told that a good home inspector can be one important person who can help protect an investment. Some people consider home inspectors as […]

Which Is A Better Real Estate Investing Strategy, Wholesaling Or Rehabbing

To Flip or Not to Flip This topic has been one of heated debate for quite some time now. You have the “Die Hard” Wholesalers, your Rehabbers, and Landlords that all feel that their strategy is the best. Probably the best way to describe where everything fits in, it’s best to think of a triangle. […]

Buy Before You Sell

Buy Before You Sell. Too Risky Right? Wrong! Common Home Owner Myth: I can’t buy a “new” house without first selling my “old” one. That is the way it is supposed work…right? You can’t have a new house without getting rid of the “old” one. Not so.  Take for example, the story of one of […]

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