Mike Ayoub

Cambridge Meadows


Our dedication and determination to reach your goal is never ending. Whether selling your home or buying a home, our clients’ wish list comes first.Our marketing plan to get your home sold fast and at top dollar covers all the bases. From advertising to personal service, our team offers you the best, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

As an agent, we leave no stone unturned until our client finds the place that feels like home! We negotiate the best deal and guide you through the home buying process, until our client has the key to the front door.  It’s Not Luck, It’s The Experience and Mike Ayoub has over 16 years.

The Mike Ayoub team has a combined 30 years experience and have direct working relationships with just about every major bank nationwide.


Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Realtor

For Buyers: we not only know the neighborhoods and Cities thoroughly, but with our years of experience working foreclosures and short sales, we know what homes are available and what homes are “coming soon” but not yet available to the public. We also know what it will take to get a deal done in regards to pricing; we know what a seller will or will not take.

For Sellers: What a great time to sell. Sellers keep hearing the market is down but if priced right, we are truly in a “Seller’s Market” Again, with strong and thorough knowledge of what’s happening in today’s market, we know what “top dollar” is for a house and we will get that seller top dollar!